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Bryan Fortin

I love running into people who say..."I use to watch you on public access all the time!". Then they look at me like I shot the dog when I tell them, the show IS STILL ON PUBLIC ACCESS

I just got picked up for another season of the show! Now I need your help! After 31 years on tv I need new ideas. What are some of the topics YOU would like to see on my show. Horror pals stick together let me know kids!


Friends don't last with me...,
I'm the host of Zones Of Evil.  Back in 1982 myself and two friends started printing a horror fanzine called MONSTER MAG.  Steven Mallas, Jim Demers and myself wanted to express our love for horror films, and science fiction.  It took off so fast that we invited a few of OUR friends to help us write the fanzine, Peter Bakula and Chris Shamis, Sidney Ferrira, just to name a few.  1987 came around and we all were finished with high school.  We took it to the next level---video.  I took a course on tv production, passed and started the Zones Of Evil monthly tv program.  Together, Steven Mallas, Jim Demers and myself created FDM Productions.  At the time our first show aired on public access in 1987 there was no digital tv, on demand, Netflix or internet.  Cable was a NEW thing, everyone had it, so everyone watched what was on tv.  We caused alot of problems for local access television.  Censorship became a huge issue for us producing the tv show.  At this time Jim Demers was very busy with his personal life.  Steven Mallas was away at college.  This pretty much left myself to carry on the vision that all three of us created years before.  I brought in several co-hosts over the years in Steve & Jim's absence:  Peter Bakula, Brian Less, Rob Turner, Paul Bisson, Chris Chmiel, Kevin Brian, Dana Taylor, Peter Roche, Gregg McQuaid, Derek Sanville, and Dianna Chmiel.  Friends come and go, but if you have to produce and air a new show each and every month, you do it with friends or you do it alone, it still has to get done.  I really think that my tv show has lasted this long because I have a real drive for entertainment.  How long have you done a hobby and not gotten paid for it? Zones Of Evil has always been made for the fans by the fans.  That concept has still not changed after all these years.  I am always looking for new show ideas.  New celebrities to interview on the ZONES!  So as long as I'm around, I'll continue to push buttons in producing the show.  Click on video back issue shows links.  See what our show is all about.  It's totally free, and a great way to have some entertainment fun.  I'll be waiting in the dark for you!  -Bryan Fortin