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What is ZOE?

Alot of you don't get to view our show.  We only air in Peabody, Mass and Lynnfield, Mass.  We strongly suggest you to order some of our back issue episodes.  This is a program made by the fans for the fans, made by friends.  We like to cover every aspect of the entertainment  field.  Best of all, all our past shows are free of charge.  We're not here to make money at all.  We actually loose money each month to have this web site posted.  But since ZONES OF EVIL has  such a following, a website was in order.  Zones Of Evil is not without it's rememorable guests: Reggie Bannister, Linda Blair, Sam Jones, Linnea Quigley, Kevin Brian, Brinke Stevens, Tiffany Shepis,   But Zones Of Evil (for a public access tv show) has covered many issues.   REAL TERRORS:, the attacks of 9/11, serial killers, death of a family member.  MAKING MOVIES:, Robocop, Alien, Happy Halloween 3 and Batman.  STANDING UP FOR HORROR: Issues And Answers 1 & 2, Movietalk & Review, Salem Evening News and MovieTime!  We all watch movies, the best part of being on ZONES OF EVIL is that I get to express this all, in the shows and on the website!  Hauntings, rapes, sequels, effects, stars, blood, lesbians, plots, photos, writing,  gays, directing,  friends, celebrities, tv shows, cross dressers, animals,  music, work, free parking, and in the end,  YOU MAKE THE CHOICE!  Back in 1982 my two best friends James Demers and Steven Mallas never knew ZONES OF EVIL would go on this long.  It was just a hobby at the time, we were in junior high.  Now, years later since we hardly talk anymore, I still have the same passion as the three of us did when we first started.  I'm in the position where I can still carry out the focus of the show.   Please, entertain, and ask questions about what they just saw.  TV leaves many great impressions in the mind...I just hope that Bryan Fortin, James Demers and Steven Mallas have done that for you.  We have REALLY pushed the limits of what you can air on public access television.  I will continue to push these limits until I can't do it any longer, with or without Steve or Jim.  What you have here, pretty much is the loss of friends(Jim & Steve), maybe they have grown up and I have not.  In the end, I think I was always the leader.  But let me tell ya, Jim and Steve always had their own ideas of how ZOE should go into the fututre.  Somehow to progress us more in the public eye.  Original stories, computer layout, and fan response.  Well, welcome to 2018!  Jim & Steve are gone.  But I ain't giving up.  Order some ZOE shows, tap into what I'm all about!  Zones Of Evil...Since 1982!
-Bryan Fortin